Artiklar taggade i maskinlästa artiklar 1968-2011

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Offentlig hälsovård och privata profitspel6.5.2021-,
The elderly in Finland need an active and proactive independent Ombudsman20.6.2016-,
Neo-liberal Transport Minister wants Big Brother to track your car8.6.2016-,
Dimridåerna tätnar27.5.2016-,
“The Greek Drama” continues – Staring Nordea and Mr. Katainen9.5.2016-,
Placeringsplan i ett nötskal28.4.2016-,
Political nonsense about Finnish healthcare costs27.4.2016-,
Big national projects take years, often decades, to execute20.4.2016-,
Finland’s Taxi Monopoly – No Competition and the world’s highest prices16.4.2016-,
What do Finnish Innovation Systems need? Antti Hautamäki, Prof. Emer.27.2.2016-,
Wind energy equipment – Moventas, and The Switch – Safe harbors found after storm winds…15.2.2016-,
The Slush Collection – VuoLearning Oy Converting documents into mobile learning9.2.2016-,
Nya Karolinska and privately funded hospitals… a fools paradise7.2.2016-,
Trade unions and weak government create unemployment13.12.2015-,
Where should exporters focus?7.12.2015-,
True Christmas Spirit in Helsinki 2015… at last!5.12.2015-,
S-Group should merge with Kesko for a Win-Win-Win for Finland.20.11.2015-,
Comptel is smart to benefit from Slush spill-over effect11.11.2015-,
Here are the new mafia from Italy at Arlanda and Helsinki airports…8.11.2015-,
Är mer bättre?31.10.2015-,
Letter from China No.8 - A day or two in Shanghai22.10.2015-,
Letter from China No.79.10.2015-,
Letter from China No:65.10.2015-,
Letter from China No: 53.10.2015-,
Letter from China – No: 429.9.2015-,
Letter from China – No: 325.9.2015-,
Letter from China – No. 221.9.2015-,
Letter from China - No: 119.9.2015-,
Is more better?13.9.2015-,
Uncle Sam, the money man…2.9.2015-,
Uber or not to Uber…28.8.2015-,
Disconnecting people27.8.2015-,
On Multiculture; can we agree with our PS friends?28.7.2015-,
Silence is golden..?26.7.2015-,
Do to others as you would have them do to you20.7.2015-,
The 3 S's and their colleagues need to wake up to reality...14.7.2015-,
When banks collapse29.6.2015-,
Rules and regulations that destroy service sectors jobs…25.6.2015-,
Bank reporting is opaque4.6.2015-,
How many municipalities ... we are doing things backwards18.3.2015-,
Not repaying housing loans…7.2.2015-,
The retail price war is a hoax...19.1.2015-,
Mer Slush behövs23.12.2014-,
Finland’s own Saarinen Ateneum Art Gallery6.12.2014-,
Do they really say what needs to be done?3.12.2014-,
Some Finnish insurance companies show weaknesses in stress tests1.12.2014-,
Orwellian thoughts about Pohjola Bank25.11.2014-,
The 2nd day at SLUSH18.11.2014-,
SLUSH – It’s great to see people at work with energy & ideas17.11.2014-,
Free advertising… not with my money!17.11.2014-,
Bank pay is too high13.11.2014-,
EK’s Superpacs for Eduskunta?8.11.2014-,
Bad bank behavior2.11.2014-,
Vardag i Ryssland och Ukraina30.10.2014-,
Half a million need to be employed.15.10.2014-,